Sometimes we need help analyzing and preparing our negotiations with others. In my advisory sessions you will get a chance to understand, plan and carry out the processes needed to get you where you want to go.

We will design a strategy and tailormake a set of helpful moves so you can make the most of the way you communicate and achieve what you dream of.

Sometimes we need help with the important negotiations in life. At work we negotiate our salaries, career development and working conditions, and these important agreements need careful planning and execution. Other situations involve less formal negotiations with colleagues, bosses or clients, and these agreements also need attention. At home, it may be a challenge to find solutions that satisfy everyone, and this is also often very useful to discuss and develop a plan for a better way to move forward.


I can help you analyze your negotiations and make a strategy for your way forward. In one-on-one sessions, we look at the issues you would like to work with and talk about which negotiation techniques could be helpful. This involves mapping out who is involved, how to communicate in a constructive way and looking closely at what your own wishes and wants would be.


If you negotiate as part of a delegation or group, it can be very useful to prepare both content and process together. This involves identifying the different roles in the delegation and how to facilitate the process. It also entails working in depth with your demands and how to differentiate between what is negotiable and what is not.


In general, it is always helpful to get an overview of your negotiations and choose a strategy that suits you and your particular circumstances.

Some of the questions it could be useful to work on:


  • What would you like to achieve with this negotiation? What is your ambitious goal?
  • What would be the minimum you are willing to accept?
  • What alternative solutions would be interesting?
  • Who are the interested parties? Analysing the stakeholders, both at the table and behind the scenes
  • What are the demands of your counterpart and the interests behind these?
  • How can you work strategically with the process? Who needs to be influenced, how and when?
  • How can you make full use of all informal meetings and situations to negotiate on many different levels?
  • What to do, if the other side says no?
  • How to facilitate meetings with disagreement?
  • The art of making a balanced deal and making sure, you all get what you want


The consultations last from 1-2 hours and are conducted either in person or online. Additional sessions can be added as we go along, and there will most likely be concrete work to do between sessions.