”How do I negotiate my salary? How do I negotiate a change in my career to suit my most important values and wishes? How do I use negotiation in my personal relationships? Do men and women negotiate differently?”

Sometimes all it takes to make people better negotiators is simply to show how we all in fact negotiate, every day and really well. As human beings who live and work with other people, we can’t not negotiate, and helping participants discover their skills is an important part of my training. My focus when I teach is to harvest the techniques you already use and showing you others, that will help in difficult negotiations. Sharing your experiences with others, practicing using both analytical and communicative tools that help the process and making personal action plans are part of all training sessions.


The teaching format is interactive and involves short presentations, group discussions with feedback, case-based negotiation exercises with debrief and time for personal reflection and planning. Even short talks will be interactive and participative.


Workshops, talks and training sessions are tailor-made to suit the client group. In collaboration with you, I will develop a suitable format ranging from one hour talks to courses stretching over several days. All sessions will be highly interactive and exercise-based, and the negotiation advice will be tied to the participants’ questions and actual challenges. Participant numbers can be anything from small groups to large audiences.

Examples of themes for talks and training:

  • Negotiation DNA: Introduction to negotiation as a process and how it differs from other types of communication
  • What works?: Analysis of participants’ strategies and techniques
  • Negotiating with Yourself: The first phase of the negotiation is preparing an ambitious demand and finding your walk-away
  • Influencing Others: Using all available meetings and situations to influence your counterpart and making a strategy for negotiating in less formal and rigid settings
  • The Meeting: Facilitating the meeting where the agreement is finalised, avoiding the classic pitfalls of conflict and resentment
  • The Parallel Negotiation: The story of you and how it affects the relationship with those you negotiate with and the process itself
  • Gender and Bias: Uncovering how stereotyping affects both the negotiation process and the content and what to do about it